6061 Aluminum Alloy

Alloy 6061 is one of the most widely used alloys in 6000 series.6061 is a precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy,containing magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements.It is one of the most common alloys of aluminum for general-purpose use.As a versatile material,6061 alloy can be used for almost any structural components.Applications range from commercial and personal use vehicles utilize 6061 for truck frames and running boards, infrastructural uses include mass transit and subway platforms, steps, flooring, walkways and cover plates, and consumer products such as bicycle frames and components, fishing reels and small utility boats all benefit from the increased weldable nature and its ability to undergo hot forging.


General Mechanical Properties of 6061 aluminum alloy:

Tensile Strength - 312MPa

Yield Strength - 270MPa

Elongation - 12.5%

Elastic Modulus - 69GPa

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion - 22.6ppm/℃

Thermal Conductivity - 210 W/m-K

Density - 2.7g/cm3


The material hardness and strength of heat-treatable alloys depend on their composition and the heat treatment. The main alloying elements of the material is defined in the 6000 series aluminum alloys. Note that when fusion welding heat-treatable alloys, the hardening constituents in the heat affected zone (HAZ) is redistributed and results in a reduction in material strength in the local area.Overall,general benefits of aluminum 6061 include excellent joining characteristics and good acceptance of applied coatings. Alloy 6061 aluminum combines relatively high strength, good workability, excellent weld abilities and brazability, and high resistance to corrosion. Aluminum alloy 6061 sheet,plate is available in various thickness and can be cut to any size you need!