Baienwei Now Offering Al-Si alloy

A key prerequisite for Baienwei’s successful partnership with the automotive electronics industry is the ability to deliver the right materials. Our company’s main focus is to the research and development of aluminium-silicon alloy materials.Aluminum silicon is available as bar,tube,sheet and ingot.Baienwei Co.,Ltd produces to a succession of Al-Si alloys Grade when application,including amplifier housings,housings for radar circuity,hybrid electronics packages,optical housing,carriers and so on.

In overall,Baienwei Al-Si alloys(Si content from 27%—70%) is a silicon particles reinforced aluminum matrix composites formed by improving Si supersaturation in aluminium matrix.The aluminum-silicon(Si/Al)  alloy material has the characterizing features with adjustable low CTE,low density,high thermal conductivity and high specific stiffness,readily machinable with CNC/EDM,platable,environmentally friendly.

With over 20 years experience meeting the needs of automotive electronics manufacturers and suppliers, Baienwei is sensitive to the special concerns unique to this industry.Our ISO9001:2008 QMS certified production facilities guarantee high quality materials with lot-to-lot consistency.We often commit to a rigid quality process that dictates tight controls on all raw materials.High quality control and quality assurance is necessary to ensure all incoming material must be tested.We offer a comprehesive range of aluminum-silicon alloy products,from raw materials to final products.