Custome-made Material Al-25%Si alloy For Automotive Applications


As the increasing demands of emission level control,commercial vehicle weight reduction and series of concerned problems,more and more automotive companies prefer to adopt the aluminum-silicon alloys for engine blocks and parts of engines,extremely cylinder sleeves.Compared the conventional process,Baienwei Co.,Ltd individually developed the Rapid Solidification hypereutectic Al-25%Si  alloy,which can achieve the refined silicon particles in the microstructure and remarkably improved the workability and ductility in the alloy.

In all,the high silicon aluminum alloys for silicon content by the weight of 17% to 25% alloys,which possess the characteristics of good wear-resistance with low coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE),lower weight,higher stiffness,higher precision and so on.Due to these excellent mechanical and physical performance,many customers tend to purchase the hypereutectic Al-25%Si  alloywhich were fabricated by our company in China.Furthermore,the Al-Si hypereutectic alloy material also works for Porsche, Mercedes,BMW applications.

Product Description:

Grade: Al-25%Si  alloy Cylinder Liners Billet Tube

●Main chemical composition: AlSi25Cu4Mg

●Size in stock: O/D:89mm,I/D:75mm,Height:180mm

●Heat-treatment process:Condition T6

Mechanical properties:

Tensile strength: 480MPa

Yield strength: 441MPa

Density(at 20℃): 2.64g/cm3

Poisson’s ratio: 0.29

Elongation: 0.7%

Elastic modules: 96GPa

Hardness: 207HB(Brinell Hardness)