High strength aluminum alloys were prepared by spray forming process

By adopting the spray forming process,we produced a porfolio of high-strength aluminum alloy.In contrast to conventional casting process,the spray forming technology shows obvious benifits both the comprehensive cost and the mechanical and thermal performance,please see the comparasion of the two processes:

Currently,Baienwei Co.,Ltd fabricates the alloy products covering a wide range of high strength aluminum alloys, encompassing aluminum alloy 7055 round bars and aluminum 7068 alloy round tubes and series of differential powder alloys.The main applications are aerospace,defense and heavy machinery.Baienwei Co.,Ltd has the competence to handle every aspect of manufacturing process from choosing the suitable material to machining the electronic components and right up to assist your testing. Possessing a highly motivated engineering team of specialist,we are in the position to optimally convert your requirements and assist in reducing your overall cost.