Low CTE Aluminum Alloys

Our company not only individually develops a set of Silicon Aluminum Alloys which are popularly used in avionics system ,but also have highest strength aluminum alloys for aerospace and military industries.

With the combination of uniform and isostropic microstructure,high performance and exellent mechanical properties,silicon aluminum(Si-Al) alloys,also named Al-Si Controlled Expansion Alloys which can be widely used in electronic packaging. Based on relevant statistics,the cost is as much as 50,000 pounds as per 1kg pay load,especially more than 100 times for satellite communications,which in effect is the case of gram.Therefore herewith, the conventional electronic packaging materials with higher weight,for instance,invaralloy,Kovar,Mo-Cu(Molybdenum-Copper),W-Cu( Tungsten-Copper) and the related alloy materials, which are not suitable for aerospace and military industries.

By using the proprietary of Rapid Solidification process,aluminum alloys optimized for highest strength aerospace and military applications where high temperature stability is a must.The highest aluminum alloys possess the excellent properties of low CTE,low density,wear resistance even at high temperature,good grindability and highest stiffness(E-modulus).For instance,luminum alloy 7075,7068 and 7075 is available for your choice.These alloys are in particular suitable for aerospace structural components.

We can produce the following alloys per your request.

BEW 7055 alloy Offer the combination of highest strength,light weight and good corrosion resistance. 

BEW 7068 alloy is combining the high fatigue strength and excellent corrosion resistance behavior.

BEW 7075 alloy has the highest strength comparable to many steels,and has good fatigue strength and average machinability.

Conventional Casting Process VS Rapid Solidification Technology

Prepared Process of Al Alloys

Convention Casting Process

Rapid Solidification Technology



Limited by tensile strength

Refinement of primary silicon and alloy matrix,tensile strength up to 750MPa


Good ductility

Higher bonding strength of alloy matrix and initial crystal result in excellent ductivity

Corrosion resistance

Poor corrosion-resistance

Great oxidation and corrosion resistance

Specific stiffness

Maximum 25N/m


Conversion Cost

Higher tooling cost but low yield

Possess comprehensive cost advantage

Grain Size

Coarse acicular shape

Fine equiaxed grain(average size is 10μm)


Obvious micro-segregation

Uniform and isostropic