Mechanical Characterisation Of Al-Si Alloy Cylinder Liners

Hypereutectic aluminum-silicon alloys can be produced by rapid solidification process,such as melt spinning,atomisation and spray forming.Tianjin Baienwei New Material Technology Co.Ltd is engaging in utilizing the rapid solidification technology to fabricate the silicon aluminum cylinder liners.Owing to the hypereutectic aluminum-silicon alloy having an improved distribution of primary silicon particles and AlSi(Dispal S260) alloys have an homogeneous and uniform particles in the microstructure silicon phases.In general the alloy contains by weight from 20% to 30% of silicon, and preferably the alloy contains by weight of 25% to 28% silicon,0.5% to 1.3% magnesium, up to 1.4% iron, up to 0.3% manganese, 0.25% copper maximum and the balance aluminum.

Application of the Si/Al alloy in the automotive industry,comprising the engine blocks and parts of engines,particularly in cylinder liners.The desirable advantages of the use of these alloys are weight reduction,less emission gases and low fuel consumption. With the combination of mechanical properties,such as low coefficient of thermal expansion,excellent wear resistance and good formability.The outstanding wear resistance is due to the high volumetric fraction of fine primary silicon phase and intermetallics.

Based on self-developed intellectual properties and state-of-the-art technologies,our company developed a range of products,e.g, AlSi25(Si contents is 25%) Cylinder Liners.The AlSi25 alloy cylinder liner has attained a prestigious brand in the automotive industry.In terms of below features,e.g,the weight of controlled expansion alloy cylinder liners is much lighter. Because the low density of Al-Si alloy in automotive industry,1 kg AlSi alloy could replace 3 kg castings.The good compatibility of thermophysical properties between AlSi alloy cylinder liners and aluminum alloy pistons could realize”no clearance cylinder” and “all-aluminum engine”,which will reduce the risk to avoid the failure of piston thermal etching”burn the top”,”cylinder score” and ”cylinder sticking”. AlSi alloy has been the main material of new type automobile cylinder liners.