Properties Of Controlled Expansion Alloy Products

Since its inception,Tianjin Baienwei New Material Co.,Ltd adhere to the service for technical support and after-sale assistance,and uphold the business philosophy of trustworthiness,pragmatic,win-win value,so as to provide the highest quality and service to clients.Our company has an innovative, skilled and professional technician,offering a solution from the product introduction to technical conmmunication,and right up to after-sale service.It is the only choice for you based on state-of-the-art and stable products,the engineers team and abundant technical strength.Baienwei's controlled expansion alloys are used as Electronic packaging material,such as hermetic housings and packagings,carriers,heat sinks and hear spreaders etc.




Silicon particles are refined and distribute well,any part of the alloy material is consistent with an average grain size of 10μm,shows uniform and isostropic

Internal Microstructure

Exhibit bigger silicon particles with coarse and porous

Silicon particles distribute well,no stoma and holes,improve the strength performance and product yield


Silicon particles more than 50μm,eminently reduce the strength

Silicon content occupes by the weight of 27%~80%,adjusted CTE in the range of 7~17ppm/℃ is available,CTE can be tailored based on client 's requirements

(coefficient of thermal expansion)

Permanent CTE,single products could not satify the market's various demands

High-efficiency process routing,enhance product yield and reduce the comprehensive cost

Embedded Cost

Decrease product yield,Higher production cost

Good machinability-smooth machined surface

Machining Property

Non-uniform distribution of silicon particles,ease of edge-breaking and no metallic luster

Baienwei's Al-Si alloys ensure compact density can reach up to 100%,close tightness and excellent welding performance

Welding Property

Easily crack when welding, reduction of  product passing rate

Using standard aluminum eletroless plating,good plating adhesion strength

Electro-plating Property

Ease of crack when welding,reduce the product qualification rate

Baienwei ensures relative density of alloys is 100%,good hermetiic performance of chamber and keep the electronic components longevity

Hermetic Performance

Configuration has porous,do not reach 100% relative density resulting in poor cavity and reduce the performance of electronic components