Rapid Solidification AlSi50 Alloy for RF/Microwave Housing

Silicon-aluminum alloys have the outstanding properties,such as adjustable low coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE) with a value of 7~17 ppm/ by controllable the contents of silicon and aluminum,high thermal conductivity of >120W/m.K,low density of 2.43~2.6g/cc,good manufacturability(maching and plating with Au/Ni/Ti/Ag).Therefore,the AlSi alloys have a wide range of applications for electronic and allied demanding industries,in particullar,such as RF/Microwave modules.The product AlSi50 alloy is extremely suitable for RF/Microwave housings and heat sink carriers.The fig.1 shows the CTE variation range from Al-27%Si to Si-30%Al alloys will linear increasely with the temperature rise.

Fig.1 Coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE) of AlSi alloys

Conventional materials for RF/Microwave modulus,such as 6061,Kovar,W80Cu and Al2O3,the mechanical and thermal properties have been shown in Table 1.It is observed that the Al-50%Si alloy density is lower than those of Kovar,brass and W80Cu,the AlSi50 alloy can be machined as package housings that offers the weight reduction they required.Except this aspect,the thermal condutivity is higher than that of Kovar,the Al-50%Si alloy can satisfy the demands of heat loss.

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