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Radar Package(Al-50%Si controlled expansion alloy)

In addition,Baienwei Co.Ltd is expert of provide the advanced packaging materials.Supported by a group of engineers and mass-production managers meticulously executed and experienced based on the proprietary patents and numerous issued patents,our company manufactures the new materials which are binary silicon-aluminum alloys,such as the alloy material Al-50%Si.With the combination of excellent properties of EMI/RFI shielding,low thermal expansion(CTE),higher thermal conductivity,low density(less than aluminum) and thermo-mechanical stability etc,Al-50%Si alloy materials have being used as radar packages component(high power T/R modules or high-power magnifier)in radar communications.

Cost Effective Si-30%Al controlled expansion alloy for wafer level carrier

AlSi70(Si-30%Al) alloy has many applications,encompassing AlSi70 microwave carrier for telecommunication;Cold plate material for high-energy solid state laser;high-brightness LED and PV cell.The alloy possess the beneficial properties,including CTE close to that of arsenic gallium(GaAs) and Sapphire in the wafer level packaging;High thermal conductivity;Thermal-mechanical stability;Readily machining and eletroless plating(e.g.Ni/Au) etc.

Main attributes of controlled expansion alloys(Si content by the weight of 27%~80%)

1) Low Aggregate Cost

By comparision,cheaper cost than copper-molybdenum(Cu-W) and copper-tungsten(Cu-Mo) for many appplications

2) Adjustable Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion(CTE)

The adjustable CTE can be tailored to any value in the range from 7~17ppm/℃so as to match or accommodate the CTE of common semiconductor devices or substrates;

To achieve the maximum performance,customers can choose the optimum usage based on the alloy’s material and propertity.

3) Lower Weight

Compared with conventional alloys, Al-50%Si alloy and Al-70%Si alloy is approximately 10% lower weight, less than 85% the weight of Cu-W,75% weight reduction of Cu-Mo, 65% weight reduction of Kovar alloy. 

4) High specific stiffness and thermo-mechanical stability

The electro-plating layer keeps flat in the thermal cycling;

Al-42%Si alloy is almost 1/4 stiffer and weight than copper;

Al-70%Si alloy is 2.5 times stiffer than Kovar alloy.

5) High thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity ranges between 120~170W/m.K according to the different compositons; In contrast to steel,Al-50%Si alloy is almost 3 times higher thermal conductivity;

Al-70%Si alloy is almost 6 times higher thermal conductivity than Kovar.

6) Uniform and Isotropic microstructure

Through the self-designed rapid solidification process,the alloy shows uniform and isotropic microstructure,no porous and holes;

The compact density can reach up to 100%,eminently enhance the strength. 

7) Easy of machining

The controlled expansion Al-Si alloys are relatively easy to machine with the traditional cutting tools and are suitable for rapid computerized numerical control (CNC) or electronic discharge machining (EDM) in comparision with AlSiC reinforced metal matrix composites(MMCs);

No NRE cost for dies;

The alloys can obtain the close tightness and smooth polishing surface. 

8) Ease of electro-plating

Due to the excellent eletrical conductivity,the controlled expansion Al-Si alloys are easier to be coated by Ni,Cu,Au,Ag,Ti and etc;

Using standard aluminum eletroless plating,good plating adhesion strength

9) Excellent welding performance

The Al-Si alloys are easy of soldering,by using arc welding,laser welding and eletron beam welding method same as Al eletro-plating;

By adopting the laser welding method,the Al-27%Si alloy is easier to be sealed with Al-40%Si alloy or Al-50%Si alloys packages,improve the hermetic performance

10) Fast Delivery

Within 3 weeks,Baienwei Co.,Ltd can deliver the CNC parts and eletro-plating parts 

11) Ensure product consistent and high reliability

With year’s experience and proprietary patents technology supporting,Baienwei company offers electronic packaing solutions.

12) Environmentally friendly

Baienwei Co.,Ltd’s Al-Si alloys are non-toxic-only contain silicon and aluminuml;

Easier to rework or replate