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We offer the Al-Si controlled expansion alloy with low density,higher thermal conductivity and a controlable coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE) ranging between 7ppm/℃ and 17ppm/℃.

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Advanced electronic packaging materials can be produced by Baienwei’s rapid solidified technology,such as the main alloy product Al-27Si controlled expansion alloy.It can be widely used as carrier plates in electronic and defense industries.


We also offer the raw material of Controlled expansion Si-Al alloy(Al-27%Si alloy) from semi-finished machined parts to machined final products. Whats more,the alloy is suitable for standard welding,such as electron beam welding,laser welding and etc.

Product Description:

Grade Name: Al-27Si controlled expansion alloy

Main composition: Al - 27%wt Si

Welding process: electron beam welding,laser welding


Tensile strength: 170MPa

Yield strength: 130Mpa

Density(at 20℃): 2.6g/cm3

Specific heat capacity(metric system): 0.8465J/g-℃

Poisson’s ratio: 0.29

Elongation: 3.8%

Elastic modules: 91GPa

Annual export capacity: 10,000tons

Trade terms: EXW(Ex-work),FOB,CIF

Terms of payment: T/T preferred



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