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Material: Al-Si Alloys

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  • Material: AlSi20 Condition: T6/F

  • Main Features:

    • One of the advantges of aluminum-silicon alloys is low density,only 1/3 the weight of casting iron and steel iron,which will reduce the weight of pistons and inertia force of reciprocating motion.
    • AlSi alloy high performance pistons have less side pressure and impact to cylinder wall,which will reduce the friction and abrasion among piston set,cylinder wall and piston pins.
    • AlSi alloys have excellent thermal conductivity, when the piston is working,the surface temperature is low and there is little carbon deposit on surface.
    • AlSi alloy pistons could raise the fuel economy, have outstanding anti-vibration, noise damping and high thermal conductivity.
    • AlSi alloy pistons increase the power density of engines,which makes the overall properties much higher and output power be raised at least 15%.

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